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Baoshen metal is a comprehensive manufacturing and service company with fine management,superior quality and precisely processing craft. A good company lies in having mutual values between the staffs and making effort to achieve the common aim, most of all, it is reflected in the business principles and daily work.Meanwhile,those mutual values and common aims not only represent the requests and standards of personal behaviors but also constraint all the inner daily work.

We are a sheet metal manufacturer developed from a family inheritance.Making all efforts to the company,no matter good times or bad,has always been a faith of the staff. Economic independence is the highest goal.And we deeply believe that we could drive the company development by our own contributions.We try to close to our customers in the advantage of geographical position and to satisfy our customers.Thus,all we done is based on sincerity,fairness,abstinence and faith.

We devote ourselves continuously to make the satisfaction to our customers,to our staff and to the society. Our advanced skills,the high quality and the fine management are reflected in every product and service. We endeavor to transcend the average level among the same industries and keep making continuous progress. We keep highly investing in technological innovation and in expanding our manufacturer scale.

We require all staff to have strong aggressiveness and the sense of quality. Stable work positions are always for outstanding workers in our company and we offer them felt-fair pay. We help the staffs to improve their self-quality and their professional skills by extensive training. The criticisms from staffs are regarded as the opportunity of our chance to improve. We fully respect every employee and we will protect our spiritual and material property together.

Our administrators convey Baoshen-Metal's values,show their positive,open-minded and confident quality in daily work. Leadership skills come from self-quality and professional skill, moreover, as a leader also need to stimulate the innovation ability of the staff. General workers can also be the decision makers in the development of the company.The communication between the senior management and general workers is courteous and trustful,they respect each other 's opinions. The senior management need to set themselves an example to the general workers.

Factory: 16-4 A1, Xingye 14 Road, Guang Long Industrial Zone, Chencun Town, Shunde District, Foshan,Guangdong Province,China

Tel: +86-757-23321861, 0757-23323783

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